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Masters Clinic : Bonded for life

The Masters Clinic turned out to be more than we expected. This class bonded together to form lifetime friendships.

(Row 1: Scott B., Fredric Fechter (The Teacher), Tim Miller (The Monk), Tom Rossman (Dr. Cue), Tom Ross, Judex James;
Row 2: Malea Haacke, Jerry Hewitt, Tom Elder, Shannon Dunn, Robert Exceen; Row 3: Eric Nelson, Jerry Hewitt, Conrad
Amend, Tony Iannone; Row 4: Jay Schmitt, Dusty Silver, Glen Morris, Richard Hatler, Gary Olsen)

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     Each member of the class took home a new skill and added the inspiration to work hard on his/her game. In the first day we did a "goal setting" workshop so we could establish exactly what we need to work on. We also came to terms with the elements that cause us to lose the games we should be winning. 

     Then we worked on the four stages of pocket billiards. It was a great eight hours. I asked Tom Ross, a Monk Master instructor from Denver to take a couple of hours for his special presentation. Tom delivered some great material. 

     On the second day Tom Rossman, "Dr. Cue" presented his diamond system studies. I ended up taking four pages of notes. Tom is the most prepared instructor I have ever attended. His one day was worth the entire investment in the workshop. A student told me during break, "I haven't picked up a cue in two days and I've learned more than I have in 27 years of playing." 

     On the third day Fred Fechter delivered an incredible presentation on breathing and letting go of results. He had several guest instructors from the Cue Sport College come in for short lectures. It was a great day. 

     Then on the fourth day we went to a pool hall for some hands on instructions. The group came to a new way of looking at things. Each member of the class will look at this game in a different light from this day forward.

     We had a pilot, drag racer, computer programmers, contractors, medical professional, writers, truck drivers, environmental engineer but when it was said and done, we found out we are all on the road to Pooldom Come.

~ Tim Miller (The Monk)      

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Mr. Tom Ross

Tom Rossman (Dr. Cue), Fredric Fechter (The Teacher), and Tim Miller - (The Monk)

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The Class of 2003

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